Covering almost two thirds of this world’s surface, it’s what gives our planet its blue marble hue, shimmering in the vastness of the black universe. It’s what makes you feel alive, reconnects you with reality when the cold waves hit your face. As an energetic vibrant global unit, it links habitats and gives life to billions of creatures.

It’s everywhere,
infusing our world with depth –
and so do we.

SALTWATER Films Duesseldorf

We approach visual content production
in the most holistic way possible.

Dedicated experts and creative minds conceptualizing, producing, directing, filming, animating and editing high-end video content in order to make people not only understand, but feel information.
Content is all about emotions to us, so we make sure to create complex visual and auditory experiences for each and every of our projects. We have an intuitive grasp of our audience, whether lifestyle-based, artistical or corporate driven, never shy away taking risks.
Saltwater is a compact production powerhouse communicating on an eye-level, not only internally, but also in regards to each of our clients. We listen and are dedicate to each other, to get the best out of every talent, as well as out of every task and budget.
Since our inception in 2012, we have managed to build an incredibly aligned and strongly bonded crew with wide-ranging experiences across all industries. Thus allowing us to dive into any given challenge, whatever the circumstances.
No matter if you are looking for TV commercials, branded video content, image-films, music videos or animation, we provide the ideal out-of-the-box approach to help float you and your brand to the surface. Just like saltwater.
Just like us.
This is film.